Launch Angels Announces Amino Investment

Boston-based Amino announced this week that it raised $1.65 million in seed funding, including an investment from Launch Angels. The startup creates networks of mobile apps with a strong community focus that are built around specific like including K-pop, Minecraft, anime, and Doctor Who. Launch Angels is pleased to add that it was one of the investors in the round.  Below is a brief insight from Launch Angels CEO, Shereen Shermak regarding the deal:
The Launch Angels Investment Committee selected Amino as part of its Where Fund committing very early in the Seed round.  We have a longstanding relationship with CEO Ben Anderson—even before the raise—and it was a no brainer to get on board with his vision and ideas. We’re thrilled to have gotten in on deal and are excited to see where the company is headed.
Launch Angels is a Boston-based venture capital firm that helps alumni, universities, and other affinity groups create venture funds to support early stage companies that meet each fund’s unique investment goals.


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