Taking the Frustration Out of Angel Investing

Over my years as an angel, I have seen new options emerge that supposedly solve key frustrations with angel investing. Those frustrations include poor reporting, heavy paperwork, and the time, time, time spent finding companies that might be a fit, diligencing, and tracking performance. But many options solve very little. For example, angel networks are terrific at getting people with capital together, but can be challenging for those with limited time. Online syndicates are cutting edge. But is this a solution for getting into the best deals that (fill in the blank with your favorite VC here) invests in? There is no good alternative for groups that want to invest together online, easily assembling the portfolio they’d like. Enter Launch Angels. I like building solutions for the problems of smart, busy people who want to fund entrepreneurs, but can’t find the time. Or people who have talked about investing together, but don’t have the expertise or platform to get the ball rolling. Here are the worst angel investing problems that I have seen, and what Launch Angels specifically does to resolve them:
  • Deal flow. If you’re not a professional investor, or just starting out as an angel, finding deals on a par with the one that inspired you to be an angel—tough to do right out of the gate. At Launch Angels, we find deals for you, leveraging crowdfunding portals and our networks to offer many options.
  • Transparency or ‘the Black Hole’, as we like to call it. Are you able to track that fourth angel deal the way you did your first? Didn’t think so. We created a simple login, where investors can pick up their monthly statement online and see what’s happening in their LA fund.
  • Diligence. How many deals can you review in a week? Part of one? It’s tough to work in quality due diligence with so many other demands on your time. And when you reach the point of final selection, don’t you wish you had four friends with decades of early stage experience backing your call? At Launch Angels, we field incredible talent that helps select deals to diligence, as well as consult on deal selection and amounts to be invested.
  • Structure. Maybe you’ve discussed with friends, family, classmates, or co-workers how great it would be to get together and support new ventures for groups or causes that excite you. But those discussions never seem to go anywhere. Launch Angels provides a structure and cadence for investing that helps your group take your ideas live.
At Launch Angels, we listen closely to the market to determine where the pain is. Then we work every day to make your investing life easier and more rewarding. Bring us your thoughts. We’re here to listen and make your ideas happen.

 -Shereen Shermak, CEO

Launch Angels is a Boston-based venture capital firm that helps alumni, universities, and other affinity groups create venture funds to support early stage companies that meet each fund’s unique investment goals.


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