Welcome to Launch Angels

As Launch Angels’ CEO, I had to be sold on the business before I came on board. Here are some of the reasons I concluded this is a great business, and why you should, too:
  • First and foremost, a compelling product concept. Leveraging the changes in regulations provided by the JOBS Act, more accredited investors will have better options and transparency for investing in venture capital. Yet most investors find that researching the hundreds of options on equity crowdfunding sites is incredibly time consuming. Launch Angels does the work for you.
  • Support for promising entrepreneurs. I am a serial entrepreneur, and I know what it’s like to start a business from the ground up. Often deserving businesses have not had the broad access to capital that equity crowdfunding allows.
  • Economic growth through small businesses. Small businesses, on net, create most new jobs.  As we exit the recession, the best way to add robustness to the economy is to help small businesses with good ideas survive.
  • Diversity for my portfolio. If you are looking for venture capital opportunities and want a diversified outcome, take a look at our model and get more information.
Please check out the rest of our site (launch-angels.com) to learn more about our funds and team! Shereen    
Launch Angels is a Boston-based venture capital firm that helps alumni, universities, and other affinity groups create venture funds to support early stage companies that meet each fund’s unique investment goals.