Why I Support VentureOut

  Heidi_109Contributed by Heidi Lehmann Investors tend to invest in who and what they know.  As a result, we find that many white, male, tech-only focused venture firms and angel investors have a narrow focus and invest in those like them. This directly impacts founders or entrepreneurs who are in a minority category, be it female, multi-cultural, or LGBT, as they are often overlooked.  And in this case, everyone loses. With a limited scope of good companies, Investors miss out on BIG opportunities, and good companies and leaders don’t receive the funding and support they deserve. Enter VentureOut While only targeting the LGBT community, VentureOut is helping move the VC industry in the right direction.  TheWhite boardre is pent up demand from LGBT investors to see founders who are like them—ones who have the makings of a scalable, excitable business—become successful.  There is much wealth within the LGBT business community and many gay accredited investors would like to help support new LGBT entrepreneurs with great business ideas and great teams (the business must be great first…criteria #1!). VentureOut is helping connect those investors to those scalable businesses and ultimately helping to diversify funding.  And that is something I can get behind.   Heidi Lehmann a Co-Founder of SWSI Media (“Smart Women, Smart Ideas”) which integrates reality programming, crowdfunding + commerce to launch the next big female focused brands. SWSI is behind the new reality competition, Queen Bee. In addition to consulting with venture capital firms, garnering prestigious industry recognitions and founding a cross-media network, she is also on the Investment Committee for VentureOut. Follow her at @heidielehmann.